Promoting a healthy parish community



It probably does not come as a surprise that walking and movement are an important activity in keeping us in good health. But…”life is so busy, there is never time to squeeze it in.” No more excuses, the answer is to take it one step at a time! At first adding steps into your daily life may take conscious effort but before long it you will be ‘in motion’ without thinking about it. Start with parking the car in the back of the lot. Park your car further away from the entrance, not closer. Add extra steps at home by using the restroom on another floor. When talking on the phone walk and talk. Meet friends at a park to catch up instead of for coffee.

At work or when doing an activity that has you sitting for a long time, (including watching TV), set an alarm on your phone or computer to remind you to get up and move! Find a buddy and take a stroll after eating lunch.

Whether it’s to throw another load of laundry in, or to run out, or check the mail, every step counts. Take the scenic route and take the longer route way to get to where you’re going or walk an extra lap around the building, or take the stairs. Squeeze in some family time after dinner by taking a walk around the neighborhood or turn on the music and dance! Keep the good times rolling.




Do you have any expertise or interested in any of the many aspects of wellness? As a nurse or healthcare provider, would you participate in a parish health fair? Or maybe you have a passion or interest in helping others rally around a healthy quality of life. Can you share your knowledge, interest, and energy by starting a family movement game/activity night, lead a parish group for jogging, exercise, yoga, meditation, or rebalance health wellness?

If you have an interest or an idea to promote a healthy parish, please JOIN THE WELLNESS MINISTRY!  Please contact Nancy Mahoney-Rajswith any questions.