Reflection on the Readings

George was an avowed atheist and loved challenging believers.

“So, Tom, you are a Christian,” George confronted his friend Tom. “You must know a lot about this Christ person.”

“I know a bit.”

“So, do you know what year he was born?”


“Do you know how many miracles he performed?”


“And . . . have you read the Bible?”

“Not much.”

“Do you know the history of the church?”

“Not really.”

“Do you know anything about the saints?”

Tom, looking down, just shook his head.

George was on a roll: “Do you know Jesus’ last name?”

Tom, looking defeated, quietly replied, “No.”

“So,” George concluded, smugly, “you don’t know this Christ very well. How can you say that you are a Christian?”

“George,” Tom replied after a moment, “two years ago I was an alcoholic in over $100,000 in debt and Jenn was about to leave me. Today, I am sober, have no debt, and Jenn and I are more in love than ever. I thank Jesus for helping me turn my life around. I may not know a lot about Him, but I know Him.

Then Tom added, looking at George, “I guess I could learn more things about Him. Wanna join me?”

Friends, it is far more important to know Jesus then to know a lot about Jesus, however, accomplishing both should be our aim.

Quote of the Week

Decide here and now to love things and [people] as Jesus loved them, that is, to the point of self-sacrifice. Do not bother with the bookkeeping of love; love without keeping accounts.

Carlo Carreto