Pastor’s Message

It used to be that on Easter everyone would put on their best clothes, new ones if they could afford them. It was a sign of new beginnings and a fresh start. No matter what had happened in people’s lives, Easter remained a sign of hope. And so it remains, regardless of what you wear.

While I won’t knock those who are thinking about what new suit or new Easter hat to wear this Easter morning, the miracle of Easter should lead us to ask questions that go beyond our wardrobe and deeper than skin-deep. Here’s the kind of question we are invited to ponder when faced with the Easter Resurrection of Jesus Christ: What will you put on to be a new and better follower of our Lord Jesus Christ?

Dear parishioners of Saint James the Apostle Church – whom I feel so blessed and privileged to serve – thank you for your steadfast witness of the Resurrection and generous support of this parish community.

I would also like to THANK the St. James staff, coordinators of our liturgical ministries, our wonderful choir, and all of our liturgical ministers who helped make this year’s Holy Week and Easter Vigil such an inspirational experience of faith. THANK YOU!!!

My prayer for you this Easter is that the new life given by Jesus in His Resurrection may burst into the dark “tombs” of your life and from you go out into the world!

Quote of the Week

The story of Easter is the story of God’s wonderful window of divine surprise.

Carl Knudsen