Message From the Pastor


One of the details from this weekend’s familiar parable of the sower and the seed begs the question: Why does this fellow waste so much seed? Anyone who’s ever tried to plant a garden knows that some parts of the yard are just no good for growing things. Too much clay there, too many rocks here. Not enough sun or enough to fry an egg. And don’t put your prize blossoms where the bunnies will munch each bloom away before you get to enjoy them. When it comes planting time, a prudent gardener knows the soil and judiciously uses the seed.

But not the guy in the parable! No, he throws seed by handfuls on the path, among rocks and thorns, as well as on decent, viable dirt. If you saw this guy at work you’d think he must own a seed company, the way he wastes the stuff. And in fact, he does. There’s an exuberant generosity with which the sower lavishly sows. He’s obviously not judging the quality of the soil the way you or I would before he goes to work. He’s got boundless hope and optimism despite all evidence to the contrary. And sooner or later, he will get his harvest of thirty- or sixty- or a hundredfold.

We are meant to think of this uneven planting field as the life of the average believer. This parable leads my mind to ponder on the fact that we’ve all got hearts that are not uniformly receptive to the great work of the Kingdom being sown in us. God, who never tires of the task at hand, keeps on cheerfully offering us opportunities for love, justice, peace, mercy, salvation. This joyous seed is scattered liberally through our days as we duck, shirk, refuse, and deny. I bet that there are those who are reading this right now who may be too depressed for the good news of the Kingdom—or too busy, too scared, too needy, too tired, too sick, too outraged, too old, or too young. We may have as many excuses as there are seeds. Meanwhile the seeds rain down on all sides of us, right across our path as we try to make our way, a sleet of seeds behind us, and crunching under our feet with every step we take. And still, sadly so, there are way too many of us who refuse this joyous new life, saying: “Not now. Conditions are simply not favorable.”

Friends, God lavishly scatters the seeds of opportunity for new life in your life CONSTANTLY. Our job is to do what we can to ensure that the seed- ground is hospitable enough for the seed to take root. What kind of soil are you?

Quote of the Week

Every moment and every event of every [person’s] life on Earth plants something in his soul.

Thomas Merton