From the Pastor – September 20, 2020

Today is CATECHETICAL SUNDAY. The United States Catholic Bishops always declare the third Sunday of September to be Catechetical Sunday. It is a way to recognize the teaching ministry of the church. This year’s theme is “I RECEIVED FROM THE LORD WHAT I HANDED ON TO YOU.” This is from one of Paul’s letters in which he reminds us that what he taught and what the church teaches is what the Lord has shown us. Today we recognize especially NANCY CAPUTO, OUR DIRECTOR OF RELIGIOUS EDUCATION, AND ALL OUR PARISH CATECHISTS who bring the Good News of Jesus to our children, youth, young adults, and adults. The Good News is more than just what we hear and learn; it is also what we bring to all those we meet in our lives, for we are called to be the Good News for each other. What we teach must be consistent with what you parents teach your children, so there is a consistency in their lives between what happens at home and what happens in the parish Religious Education Program and in the Catholic School. In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells us the story of the landowner who hires workers to work in his vineyard. No matter how many hours they worked, he paid them justly. Jesus sends us into the world, the vineyard, to help others experience the gift that Jesus is for us. The way we proclaim the Good News is as varied and different as each of us. It is caring for one another, responding to the needs of each other, and helping others discover the wonder that Jesus can be for them that he is for us.  Most times this does not require a great deal of effort because it has become natural for us. But it does require faith in the Lord who has called us by name and invites us to celebrate the gift of Jesus in our lives. It also requires a willingness to allow Jesus to be reflected in all we are and all we say and do with each other. During this pandemic, as we have gotten more comfortable wearing masks and maintaining social distance, we have also learned that doing these things does not diminish our mission to help others experience the gift of Jesus in our lives. On behalf of our entire Parish Staff, our entire parish, and myself, I want to extend our CONGRATULATIONS to our young people who celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation yesterday with Bishop Manny Cruz as the confirming bishop. May they continue to grow in grace and wisdom and to accept the challenge to be a vibrant sign of Jesus for all of us, as they are guided by the Holy Spirit.  GOD BLESS YOU ALL!! HAPPY SEPTEMBER!! FR. JOE