From the Pastor – Sept. 9, 2018

Now that school is back in session, parish, school and athletic activities have also begun. The beginning of the school year is always hectic, with parents trying to figure out the after school activities for their children. After the first two weeks or so, they all it into a regular routine. We can easily get so lost in the routine that we forget the reason for the activities. They are supposed to help our children become well-rounded individuals, and help them grow into mature and responsible adults.
We all realize that there has been a great deal of negativity in our church and in society. This negativity tends to frustrate us and make us want to resolve the issues that are the cause of this. While we may not be able to resolve the problems in the church or in society, what we can resolve are the attitudes, words and actions that we express. Let’s face it, we are the Body of Christ, and as the Body of Christ we are the visible sign of Jesus on earth. Therefore, whatever we say and do is supposed to relect what our faith in Jesus means as we radiate that faith to each other. We are sent as signs of Christ, helping to make the Kingdom of God a reality for others. That can only happen when we promote peace and justice, compassion and mercy, equality and forgiveness. Anything less than this not only diminishes the kingdom, but also our own witness values. By being faithful to the call of the Lord, we bring the positive values of Jesus to others, thus diminishing the negativity around us.
We can’t stop people from acting or speaking in a negative manner, but we don’t have to contribute to that negativity. We are a visible and viable sign of Christ for others, and we are supposed to speak and act in a way that is consistent with this. Mother Theresa once said: “Where there is no love, put love, and you will find love.” To paraphrase it: “Where there is no Jesus, put Jesus, and you will find Jesus.” This is not that complicated, but it is too easy for us to succumb to all the negativity that happens in the world. As a sign of Christ, we have to stand for something different. This is how we build the kingdom, create a better church and society. But it takes each and every one of us to accomplish this. WWJD?
On Thursday, August 23, we celebrated the Feast of St. Bartholomew with a Mass in Italian. In celebration of the feast, $40 was collected and given to the parish. GRAZIE, TUTTI ITALIANI!!!
REMINDER: Now that school has begun, please be careful driving around the neighborhoods. Be especially careful around the school buses. When the bus stops, and the red lights go on, we have to stop. Children may be entering or exiting the bus, and sometimes they walk in front and don’t look. Too many children are struck by cars whose drivers fail to stop when the red lights are blinking on the bus.