From the Pastor – Palm Sunday

“GLORIA, LAUS, ET HONOR TIBIT SIT. REX CHRISTI REDEMPTOR:CUI PUERILE DECUS PROMPSIT HOSANNA PIUM.ALL GLORY, LAUD, AND HONORTO THEE REDEEMER KING:TO WHOM THE LIPS OF CHILDRENMADE SWEET HOSANNAS RING.” (A Lent Sourcebook:  The Forty Days, Book Two, p. 175). Today is PALM SUNDAY!  It marks the triumphal entry into Jerusalem by Jesus. The crowd hailed him, singing Hosanna! Yet, just five days later, Jesus was executed. Today also begins Holy Week, the most serious and solemn week in the church year. This week is called Holy because it commemorates the saving events of Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection. The events we remember this week are ones that have transformed our lives, and they allow us to live as people of new life and hope. But sometimes we overlook these events because they portray a Jesus we want to ignore. He suffered at the hands of the Romans, making his decision to die even more serious.  His resurrection restored us to right relationship with God and gave us a new direction in life.  None of us likes to see the suffering face of Christ, but his face is also seen in those people in our society who are suffering from a variety of problems, including poverty, hunger, and abuse, among others. We are always invited to care for the suffering as Jesus cared for us. The services this Holy Week will be different than those of two years ago, but the church still invites us to enter into them seriously so that we are immersed in these saving events. May this Holy Week be one of hope and new life for all of us and for our parish. HAPPY PALM SUNDAY!!FELICE DOMENICA DELLE PALME!! FELIZ DOMINGO DE RAMOS!!FR. JOE