From the Pastor – Oct. 28, 2018

Like many people, maybe you got caught up in lottery fever these past few weeks. As the total kept climbing, there were more and more people on line to buy tickets, while dreaming of what they would do with the money. Hopefully, by the time you read this somebody or a few people will have won the money.
It is always interesting to watch people’s reactions when the lotteries reach a certain money level. While they may dream of what they would do with the money, it can be problematic if they allow the money to dominate and control their lives. For some, that much money not only changes their lives but also changes their personalities. Some tend to become different people, as some who have won in the past have shown. Hopefully, that won’t happen to anyone who wins this time.
In today’s Gospel, Jesus is confronted by a blind man. All the man wants is to be able to see. In restoring his sight, Jesus gives the man something different, a new perspective on life. For Jesus, it was more than physical sight. He gave the man an insight to life and how his life would be different simply because he met Jesus. Jesus was more than a miracle worker. If he were simply a miracle worker, then he would have been no different than some of the characters who walked around during his time. He was the one who brought healing and wholeness to anyone seeking it, which made his presence different than the others. He was sent by the Father to bring his presence, love and healing to all.
Jesus has given us insight into the kingdom, healing our hurts and restoring us to wholeness. This enables us to see and hear his presence in our lives, so that we can proclaim him as Messiah and Lord. This insight also allows us to help bring the kingdom of God closer to those we meet each day. We have a unique opportunity to celebrate Jesus in who we are and how we live, as reflections of the intimate connection we have with him and the Father. We are a sign of his presence and are called to live what that presence means, so that others might come to believe what we believe, that Jesus is Messiah and Lord who lived, died and rose for all of us.
On Thursday, we celebrate All Saints Day, which reminds us of the great men and women the church offers to us as models of how to live as followers of Christ. On Friday, we celebrate All Souls Day, which reminds us of those people in our lives, our parents, spouses, siblings, neighbors, who gave us examples of faith filled lives that formed and guided us on our journey of life. What great celebrations for us and the entire church!