From the Pastor – November 22, 2020

Today is the FEAST OF CHRIST THE KING! This feast celebrates that Jesus is the King of the Universe. But his kingship is very different from all other kings. He never wore regal robes, just the purple robe he wore to his execution. His crown was not one of gold and jewels, but of thorns. His throne was not a regal one associated with kings and queens; it was the cross where he saved us from our sins.  Yet, his kingship endures forever and reminds us of his incredible love for us. Today’s feast also ends the liturgical year, for next week we begin the Season of Advent. Today’s Gospel reflects the call of Jesus to serve one another.  He showed by example how to care for others, and the Gospel challenges us to do the same.  It is easy to say we believe in Jesus as Messiah and Lord, but sometimes it’s difficult to care for others. One of our beliefs is to care for others and we do that here. The way we respond to Helping the Hungry, the Giving Tree (which will be different this year because of the pandemic), and all we do individually and as families for others show how seriously we take the message in today’s Gospel. In addition, this pandemic has taught us watch out and care for one another, and most of us have done that reasonably well. The numbers of those infected with COVID-19 are increasing, so we have to be even more vigilant in following the protocols so that we can all be safe. Thursday is THANKSGIVING! It will be a little different this year, but it is still a day of family, food, and football. In the name of our entire Parish Staff: FR. TONY, DEACON JERRY, DEACON HUGH, NANCY CAPUTO, DAN PALKO, OUR SUPPORT STAFF  & MYSELF, I want to wish you and your family a HAPPY & BLESSED THANKSGIVING. May it be a day of gratitude for all we are as God’s people, all we have achieved, and all we have. GOD BLESS YOU!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!FELICE GIORNO DI RINGRAZIAMNETO!!!FELIZ DIA DE ACCIÓN DE GRACIAS!!! FR. JOE