From the Pastor – Nov. 6, 2016

    Tuesday, we have the privilege of going to the polls and exercising our right to vote. While the presidential campaign has been one of the most contentious on record, we can elect a new president, as well as local officials, including members of the Township Committee. There are also 3 public questions on the ballot and members of the School Board to be chosen. In voting, we should vote for the candidates whom we feel will best serve us, helping to preserve those values that are important to us.
    The Ministry Fair that was held in the school gymnasium on October 23 was a great success. There were a number of people who signed up for the various ministries, which was the intention. The fair was not just to show the various ministries in the parish and school, but also was an invitation for some new parishioners to become involved in these various ministries. If you were not able to be at the Ministry Fair and would like to become involved in any of the ministries of the parish, please call the rectory and we will be able to help you.
    In addition, on that date, there was a reception in the rectory for new parishioners. Five new families joined us for lunch. It’s a pleasure to welcome them into the life of our parish.  THANKS TO JOAN BRATSCH, AND THE WOMEN WHO HELPED HER provide a nice lunch for us all.
    November is the month of All Souls. This is time of year when we remember all those family members, friends and neighbors who were a part of our lives and have died. They not only live with God but also live on in our hearts and memories. It is our responsibility to continue their legacy by passing on the stories of their lives which impacted us. These are the stories which make us laugh, and cry, that we need to tell so that others who never knew them would come to know how important they are to us.
    In today’s Gospel, Jesus is reminding all of us that the God in whom we believe is the God of the living. Those who have died live with God in eternity, while those of us who live on earth, celebrate the wonder of our God made real for us in Christ Jesus. He lives in us, in the Word that is proclaimed each week, and in the Eucharist. It is our responsibility to help make him real in the way we speak and live our lives. We are the ones sent to help make the Kingdom of God a reality for all those we meet each day. We tell the stories of our faith by the way we live our lives in relationship with others. We might think that we have very little to offer others, but what we have is more than others might have. And no one can do what we do in the same way. The uniqueness of the church is that each of us adds something different to the life of the church and to each of our lives.
    We are now on Eastern Standard Time, since the clocks were turned back one hour last night!