From the Pastor – Nov. 18, 2018

We celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday this week. Thanksgiving is a day of traditions: football, family and food. It is a day when families get together in gratitude for who they are as a family and all that they celebrate and share together. No matter the distance, this holiday brings the family together.

We can read the signs of the seasons as they change from warm to cold. We put on coats, hats and gloves to keep warm. As we recognize the signs of nature around us, can we also recognize the signs of Christ within and among us? Or does that become a difficulty for us? It is much easier to recognize someone or something when it is visible and tangible. Are we able to recognize Jesus in the proclamation of the Word that forms and guides us? Or in the Breaking of the Bread, when in that simple gesture Jesus becomes present in the Eucharist? Do our words and actions give us away that he is present in our lives as his people?

As a people, we are called to proclaim Jesus in who we are and how we live with each other, so that our words and actions reflect what we believe as his followers. These signs are as critical to us as the signs of the changing of the seasons. They tell us that our belief in Jesus is more than just words, but are a vital part of who we are as the people of God.

As we touch that intimate relationship of Father and Son, we become more aware of our responsibility to help others experience the wonder of Jesus in our lives. Then, our lives become expressions of gratitude to God for all we are, have and are able to accomplish as his disciples. This makes Thanksgiving even more meaningful.

On behalf of our entire Parish Staff: FR. SILVANO, FR. JOHN, DEACON DAN, DEACON JERRY, NANCY CAPUTO, ANN MARIE GESUALDO, CAROLINE PONTERIO, MATT WILSON, OUR SUPPORT STAFF & MYSELF, I want to wish you and your family a HAPPY & BLESSED THANKSGIVING. May it be a day of being together as a family, of good food, drink and friendship and love.