From the Pastor – May 9, 2021

“YOU SHALL BE CALLED BY A NEW NAMEPRONOUNCED BY THE MOUTH OF THE LORD.YOU SHALL BE A GLORIOUS CROWN IN THE HAND OF THE LORD,A ROYAL DIADEM HELD BY YOUR GOD.” (An Easter Sourcebook, p. 124). Today is MOTHER’S DAY! It is the one day we recognize the gift of our mother. But we should do that every day! We were formed by the love of our mother and father, who nurtured us and guided us as best as they could. They brought us to faith by their faith through the waters of baptism. Because of this event, we are connected to the church, nurtured by Word and Sacrament, and called to live a life that reflects the presence of Christ.  Jesus has entered into an intimate relationship with us, and as such, has connected us to the Father, As a result, our lives can never be the same. Today’s Gospel reminds us of that relationship and how the love of Jesus has formed us and guided us as his disciples. This sounds simplistic and easy, except that sometimes we get in the way. Sometimes we allow our concerns to interfere in this life-giving relationship. We drift away and forget the reason Jesus died and rose for us. If we stay connected to him, we not only bask in his love but in the new life he gained for us in the resurrection. On behalf of our entire Parish Staff: FR. TONY, DEACON JERRY, DEACON HUGH, NANCY CAPUTO, DAN PALKO, OUR SUPPORT STAFF AND MYSELF,  I want to wish all the mothers of Saint James Parish a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY. In whatever way our mothers are recognized, it is important that we celebrate their lives. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!FELICE GIORNO DELLE MAMME!!!!FELIZ DIA DE LAS MADRES!!!FR. JOE