From the Pastor – May 30, 2021

Today we celebrate the FEAST OF THE HOLY TRINITY. While we have moved into Ordinary Time until Advent, we continue to celebrate the gift of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Every time we sign ourselves with the cross, we celebrate the Trinity. Every time we begin liturgy, it is always with the sign of the cross. Each sacrament we celebrate begins with the Sign of the Cross, a reminder of the presence of the Trinity in our lives. Our lives as Catholics are focused on the relationship of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As a result of our baptism, we are sent to proclaim to all the world the gift of the Trinity. Missionaries were sent to baptize in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We still do that because we are called to live that intimate relationship in our lives and in all we do.  We may not always be aware of this, yet this is how we live our lives in relationship with each other. Today’s Gospel reminds us of this. We cannot separate one person of the Trinity from the others, even though we may pray to one particular person. God has been revealed to us as Father, Son and Spirit at different times in our history. The purpose is to help us recognize that there are three persons who have revealed the glory of God to us. This is not meant to confuse us, but to reassure us that God is present in our lives. Andrew Greeley, the great American theologian, gives us a good way to remember the Trinity. The Father is the God who creates, the Son is the God who speaks, and the Holy Spirit is the God who calls. He describes the Trinity this way in his book, The Great Mysteries. THANK YOU to Rita Lombardi and the members of the St. Zita Group who cleaned the church pews last Saturday. The pews are thoroughly sanitized after each mass each weekend for your protection, but this is the first time they have been deep-cleaned since the pandemic began. Sanitation will continue until further notice, as directed by the Archdiocese, but for now, what a difference the cleaning by the St. Zita Group has made!  HAPPY TRINITY!!!FR. JOE