From the Pastor – March 14, 2021

“COVER US, LORD, WITH YOUR MERCY. BE OUR PROTECTOR AND KEEP US FROM THE DANGERS WITH WHICH OUR SINS SURROUNDS US. BE OUR LIBERATOR AND SET US FREE.” (A Lent Sourcebook:  The Forty Days, Book Two, p. 59). As more of us get vaccinated, we may see some restrictions lifted, but the wearing of masks, social distancing and the washing of hands will continue. We have to maintain these protocols to help keep everyone safe, including ourselves. Many of us look for signs that will convince us of the presence of God in our lives. We look for them in nature, or in the people who come into our lives, or in events that occur. These signs remind us that God is watching over us. Yet, there is one sign that is the most important, and that is Jesus on the cross. This sign reminds us that Jesus died for us to save us from our sins, and then rose again to restore us to right relationship with God. Lent is always a good time to consider the impact that the death of Jesus has on us as he calls us to goodness, holiness and conversion. His death freed us from everything that prevents us from experiencing the presence of God in our life. But, sometimes we give in to ourselves or distractions that prevent us from experiencing the presence of God. The image of the crucified Jesus can remind us of his generosity and love for us that led him to his execution. It can also help us prepare for the Great Feast and Season of Easter with heart and mind and spirit renewed. Every time we break bread together at the Lord’s Table, we enter into the experience of his death and resurrection as an ongoing encounter with God. It helps us to remember all he did for us so that we can live as a liberated people. Jesus is the light that draws us to the Father so that we can bask in the wonder of resurrection. He then sends us forth so that we can be a light for those we meet and together celebrate the gift of Jesus crucified and risen. HAPPY LENT!!  FR. JOE