From the Pastor – June 7, 2020

Today is the FEAST OF THE HOLY TRINITY. The Trinity is not to be understood but to be believed. TheTrinity is the relationship of Three Persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, yet only one God. It is a mystery, butthe Trinity also reflects the revelation of each person in the history of the world. In his catechism, The GreatMysteries, Andrew Greeley describes the Trinity this way: The Father is the God who creates, the Son is the Godwho speaks, and the Holy Spirit is the God who calls. Each expressed this relationship in various ways in humanhistory, hoping that eventually we will come to believe the Trinity as the expression of God’s love for all of us.  Today’s Gospel tells us that the Father sent Jesus, his Son, to us to remind us of his generosity and love for us.Since Jesus is the presence of the Father made real to us, he speaks in the name of the Father as he invites us toholiness and conversion. They send the Spirit to lead us along the way of salvation. The Spirit calls us as God’sown to follow the example that Jesus has given us. Our faith is in one eternal God, three persons equal in majesty,yet only one God. In the course of our history, theologians have tried to dissect this relationship, hoping to gainan insight into the Trinity. As well-intentioned as they were, and as successful as some might have been, it stillcomes down to a matter of faith on our part. But it should give us comfort that throughout human history, Godhas been watching over us, guiding us and protecting us in different ways, and we may not even be aware of this.  We are now in Ordinary Time, and this will continue until the First Sunday of Advent. This doesn’t mean our livesare ordinary; this is the church’s way of reminding us that although this season may be in between Easter andAdvent, it is still a season of its own. As we continue through this pandemic, we have discovered that there isnothing ordinary in life. Everything we may have taken for granted suddenly has a different perspective for us.The wearing of masks and social distancing have become new norms for us, and they may be with us for a longtime. There are some who want churches and other houses of worship to open but that will happen gradually. Asyou read in the email from me, our church has been re-configured for social distancing, and this has significantlyreduced its capacity. As much as we might want to get back into church, the directives from Cardinal Tobin mustbe followed or else the church will be closed again. All of this is being done to protect all of us, and this shouldnever be taken lightly.  I want to say THANK YOU to Nancy Caputo for organizing the drive-by on Sunday, May 24 in celebration ofthe 48th anniversary of my ordination as a priest, and to all of you who participated. Needless to say, I wascompletely surprised. THANK YOU for the posters, the cards, the balloons, and the gifts. As much as you mayhave enjoyed it, and I could tell that you did, I also enjoyed it immensely. You are all the reason why I am soprivileged and proud to serve you as your pastor. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!  HAPPY TRINITY SUNDAY!!!  ~ Fr. Joe