From the Pastor – June 6, 2021

Today we celebrate the Feast of THE BODY AND BLOOD OF CHRIST (CORPUS CHRISTI)!!  It is the celebration of the Eucharist, the gift that Jesus gave us at the Last Supper. The Eucharist is what nurtures and sustains us as the Body of Christ, for that is what we are. However, too many of us take the Eucharist for granted. We think we are not worthy to receive the Body and Blood of Christ. None of us is worthy, yet Jesus keeps inviting us to the Lord’s Table. The Eucharist is a gift given to us, not a reward for certain behavior.  Jesus keeps reminding us to come and see, come and experience, and come and celebrate the gift of his Body and Blood. It is difficult to live as a Catholic without the Eucharist. It is the center and focus of our lives. Every time we gather around the Lord’s Table, we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus as we break bread together.  Today’s Gospel is an account of the Last Supper, when Jesus transformed bread and wine into his Body and Blood for his disciples. Then he commissions them to do the same as he sends them forth to carry his Good News to the known world. Two thousand years later, that same commission is given to us. Sometimes I wonder if we appreciate this gift because it is a transforming one for us and the church. The invitation is always consistent: Come and celebrate the gift of the Body and Blood of Jesus, for all people for all time! Last week, I announced that Cardinal Tobin has appointed Fr. David Santos as Administrator of Saint James, effective July 1. David will do very well here, and I am sure you will welcome him as warmly as you welcomed me. David speaks Portuguese and Italian (he studied in Italy). WELCOME, DAVID, TO SAINT JAMES!!! Last Saturday, May 29, we celebrated the Feast of Madonna Della Carmine. In celebration of the feast, $93 was collected and given to the parish. GRAZIE, TUTTI ITALIANI!!