From the Pastor – June 20, 2021

 Many of us have difficulties in our lives which cause anxiety, frustration and other issues. Somehow or in some way we seem to cope with them. They don’t make life easier; in fact, they make life difficult. Determination, and sometimes the help of others, including professionals, can help us deal with our difficulties. Our faith in Jesus, while it does not solve our problems, can help us to remain calm so that we can see things more clearly. In today’s Gospel, the apostles have a problem. They are afraid that they will die during the storm at sea. Jesus very calmly quiets the wind and the storm and the apostles are relieved.  Even though they experienced this event, they probably didn’t grasp its effects in their lives.Jesus also offers us his calming presence. This does not mean that he solves our problems; it does mean that he can help us deal with them rationally and intelligently so that we are able to see things more clearly. Then we are able to make decisions in a different mindset, as our faith allows us to tap into this unique relationship of Father and Son so that our lives are not only enriched, but are sustained, and we are able to continue to live as a people of faith. It is this relationship that supports us, nurtures us, comforts us, and challenges us to live as people of faith and hope, even in the midst of difficulties. In the name of our entire Parish Staff: FR. TONY, DEACON JERRY, DEACON HUGH, NANCY CAPUTO, DAN PALKO, OUR SUPPORT STAFF, & MYSELF, I want to wish all our FATHERS, GRANDFATHERS, GODFATHERS, FOSTER FATHERS, STEPFATHERS & UNCLES our best wishes for a HAPPY & BLESSED FATHER’S DAY. While it is only one day in the year, we are grateful for all you are and do for us always. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!FELICE GIORNO DEI PAPA!FELIZ DIA DE LOS PADRES!  FR. JOE