From the Pastor – January 3, 2021

“THE GIFTS OF GOD ARE MULTIPLIED… FOR THOUGH THE GOSPEL ACCOUNTS TELL…ONLY THREE MEN…CAME FROM THE DISTANT EAST… YET WE SEE THE SAME THING HAPPENING ON A FAR LARGER SCALE IN THE ENLIGHTENMENT OF ALL WHO ARE CALLED.” (A Christmas Sourcebook, p.117) Today is the FEAST OF THE EPIPHANY!   Epiphany means manifestation, and today’s feast celebrates that Jesus was revealed to all the world. The Wise Men represent all the world, for Jesus came to save us all, and not just a select few or group. The Magi were star gazers, which means that whatever they did was determined by the movement of the stars. But there was something unusual about a particular star that appeared on a special night. It was the star’s size and brightness, and these were unlike anything they had previously seen. So, of course, their curiosity was piqued, and they had to follow it. The star led them to the manger, where the glory of God was shown to them in the birth of the Christ child. Emmanuel has been revealed to all of us. How transformative has his presence been for us? Do we understand the impact that Jesus has made on our lives? If so, do we reflect this impact in who we are as God’s people, what we believe, and how we live? The manifestation of Jesus to all the world means that we have been transformed by his presence and are called to live that transforming presence each day. It also means that Jesus has filled our lives with his abiding presence and love, and shown us how to live as a people transformed. The world waited for a Messiah, and when he arrived, nothing was the same and everything was different. Today we celebrate the glory of God reveled to us in the presence of God’s Son. Hopefully, we also can discover the wonder of Emmanuel that attracted the Magi. As we continue through this new year, may we radiate the wonder of Emmanuel for all we meet, for he is God with us, for all people and for all time.   HAPPY EPIPHANY!!!FR. JOE