From the Pastor – January 24, 2021

The public ministry of Jesus was meant to bring the Good News of the Father to the people he encountered. He chose a group of apostles who listened and learned from him so that they could continue his ministry after his resurrection and ascension. This follows the call of Jonah in the first reading, which is actually the second time Jonah is called by God. The first time God called Jonah, Jonah ran away because he didn’t want the responsibility of going to Nineveh and telling the people it was time to return to God. Jesus has invited us to continue his ministry of helping others experience the Good News through us. This doesn’t mean that we have to stand on a soap box for our pulpit to accomplish this. It does mean, though, that our lives are meant to radiate the Good News in everything we are and do. Yes, it is a serious responsibility which we accepted at our baptism. Our behavior has to be consistent with what we believe or else all we offer others is a bunch of nice-sounding words. We have become the new apostles who recognize the intimate relationship of Father and Son, and are connected to it through prayer and worship. We are formed by the Word and that Word becomes a part of who we are as God’s people and of everything we say and do. The invitation is always given to us by the Lord. It is up to us to either accept it and follow him or reject it and do our own thing. What is our choice? HAPPY ORDINARY TIME!!   FR. JOE