From the Pastor – January 17, 2021

We have now begun Ordinary Time. This is the time designated by the Church as being between one liturgical season and another. We will remain in Ordinary Time until Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. Being in Ordinary Time does not mean our lives are ordinary. Hardly, especially with the pandemic. Hopefully, the vaccines will help us all when we are able to receive them. The first reading and the Gospel both speak of the call of God. In the Book of Samuel, Samuel is called by God while he is sleeping. In the Gospel, Andrew brings Peter and the other apostle to Jesus. In both instances, they willingly choose to follow. We, too, have that same opportunity to listen to the Lord and follow him as he calls us to bring his Good News to others. Now that we have concluded the Christmas Season, I would like to thank a number of people who helped make the environment of the church festive for all. So, THANK YOU to: PAT SULLIVAN, who decorated the church for Advent; the PFLUG FAMILY, for donating the Little Blue Advent Books; BRIAN & GIANNA HAYES, for taking care of the virtual Giving Tree; JOE KAREVIS, for donating the trees at the outdoor crèche; TONY BENTIVEGNA,  for  providing the trees in the church; THE YOUNG ADULT GROUP, for setting up the outdoor crèche; THE BOY SCOUTS, for the wreaths on the pillars of the church; ALL THOSE, who donated the wreaths and poinsettias in the church; DAN PALKO & THE ADULT CHOIR, and THE READERS, for making Lessons & Carols a great event; THE ENVIRONMENTAL LITURGY COMMITTEE, for decorating the church for Christmas; POTTED GERANIUM, for providing the wreaths and poinsettias; KENN FERNANDEZ, for live streaming the liturgies; THE FILIPINO COMMUNITY, for the light that shone over Jesus and for their donation to the parish; DAN PALKO & THE ENSEMBLE, who enriched the Christmas liturgies with their singing; ALL OF YOU, who were present for the liturgies, either in person or live streaming, and for your gifts to us priests.  It was a good Christmas Season, in spite of the pandemic.  GOD BLESS YOU ALL. I am proud to serve you as your pastor.  HAPPY ORDINARY TIME!!   FR. JOE