From the Pastor – February 7, 2021

Today is SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!! Under normal circumstances, families and friends would gather either at home or in a restaurant to watch the game and enjoy some food. The stadium would be filled with fanatic football fans. This year, things are different because of COVID-19. Gatherings will be smaller. There will only be a few thousand spectators in the stadium, and they will all be health care workers from around the country.  We will see what happens next year. Today’s readings remind us of the seriousness of speaking for God. While Job reflects his restlessness with what God has called him to do, Paul reflects his willingness to preach the Gospel to whomever will listen. Jesus reminds his apostles that his mission is to bring the Good News to the residents of the towns and villages he visits. It shows the seriousness of his ministry and that it is not meant for just a few people, but for as many as he would encounter in his travels. This mission is just as serious for us today. We don’t have to go from town to town to convince people of our faith in Jesus. We accomplish this by the way we live in communion with God as expressed in Christ Jesus. But our mission also connects us to one another in the way we speak and act with each other. The Good News must radiate in who we are as God’s people, in what we believe and how we make that belief real for others. Not everyone will listen or even pay attention to what we say and do. But that doesn’t make the mission any less serious or important. As we approach the Season of Lent, this would be a good time to look at our relationship with God, what we need to do to improve it, if necessary, and what we need to do to be a better sign of Jesus for one another. This is always a good goal for us any time of the year. Since we are still receiving Christmas donations, the final figures will be in this column next week. HAPPY SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!! HAPPY ORDINARY TIME!! FR. JOE