From the Pastor – February 28, 2021

“TRULY THE EYE OF THE LORD IS ON THOSE WHO FEAR GODTO DELIVER THEIR SOULS FROM DEATH,AND TO KEEP THEM ALIVE IN FAMINE.” (A Lent Sourcebook:  The Forty Days, Book One, p. 135) The Gospel for the Second Sunday of Lent is always the experience of the Transfiguration of Jesus. The Transfiguration gives the apostles a glimpse of the resurrection so that they don’t give into the despair caused by the death of Jesus. This Gospel also reminds us what happens after we die. Our life doesn’t end because we die; it continues in a new way with the Lord for all eternity. But the Gospel also reminds us that Lent is not a season of doom and gloom, but one of hope and new life gained through the Lord. Yes, it is a season to consider what changes we need to make in our relationship with God. However, Lent also reminds us that we are called to holiness and goodness by the Lord, and that cannot happen if we are too focused on the negativity of our lives. Today’s Gospel is meant to encourage and energize us so that we can be a vibrant sign of Christ without getting stuck in the mud. Another way to look at this is to consider what we have accomplished during this pandemic. We have gotten used to wearing masks, social distancing and washing our hands often. These things may not be what we want to do; however, as long as we followed the protocols, they have kept many of us safe. But these practices have also helped us to be attentive to one another. The hope is that the vaccine will help protect us so that sometime in the future we might be able to live a somewhat normal life.
Today’s readings also remind us of our baptism and the commitment made that each of us will live as a faithful follower of Christ. Many of us were baptized as infants, but hopefully, as we have become adults, we now understand this commitment much better and accept the responsibility to help make the Kingdom of God a reality for all we meet. HAPPY LENT!! Fr. Joe