From the Pastor – December 29, 2019

Today is HOLY FAMILY SUNDAY! This is the day we recognize the gift of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Theywere three unique persons and they formed a unique relationship, based on mutual love and respect.But, today is also about each of our families, and the parish family. Our families were also formed out of love andrespect for one another. It is in our family that we first learned how to care about others, and how to interact withone another with mutual love and respect. The family is also where we discovered how unique each of us is, andtogether formed a strong relationship among all the members. This doesn’t mean that we always agreed with eachother, but that we could get along, even when we disagreed with one another. We also learned how to share whatwe have with each other, whether they be our thoughts and feelings, material goods, or our talents and abilities. Itis in the context of the family that we also learned the values that have formed us all these years. Yes, maybe ourparents weren’t perfect, but they taught and gave us what they thought was best for us. Hopefully, we can do thesame for our own family members.  In the family called the church we learned about the gift that Jesus is for us, how he taught us how live together asfellow travelers on the road to salvation. The foundation of our faith, though, was set by our parents as they notonly taught us the faith but lived what they believed. Now it is our responsibility to pass this on to one another bythe way we live our lives in following the example that Jesus has set for us.Too many of us think that we can’t be as good or as holy as the Holy Family. The truth is that we can, onlydifferently. We are all made holy, including our families, by the presence of Jesus within and among us. Hispresence allows us to not just be good but to do good for our family and for one another. We always have theopportunity to reflect the love of Jesus for one another, which emulates the love that Jesus had for Mary andJoseph. as they had for each other.  Today, at all the Masses, we will bless all our families present, no matter how large or small. Each of you and eachof your families are an important part of the life of Saint James the Apostle.On behalf of the entire parish Staff: FR. TONY. FR. JOHN, DEACON JERRY, DEACON DAN, NANCYCAPUTO, ANN MARIE GESUALDO, KAREN COCCO, MATT WILSON, CAROLINE PONTERIO,OUR SUPPORT STAFF AND MYSELF, I want to extend to you and your families our best wishes for aHAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR!! May 2020 be a year of grace for all of us!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! BUON CAPO D’ANNO! FELIZ ANO NUEVO! ~ FR. JOE