From the Pastor – December 27, 2020

“LET US TOO STAND IN THE TEMPLE AND HOLD GOD’S SON AND EMBRACE HIM; AND THAT WE MAY DESERVE LEAVE TO WITHDRAW AND START ON OUR WAY TOWARDS A BETTER LAND…”. (A Christmas Sourcebook, p.85) Today is HOLY FAMILY SUNDAY! This day celebrates Joseph, Mary and Jesus as a model of family life for us. Their care, concern, and respect for each other teach us that our families can also reflect these values for one another. We can easily state that our families can’t be like the Holy Family, which is true. But as the building block of society and the church in the home, our families can still reflect the values that make our families unique. These values also include an ability to work together, and the recognition that each person in the family is unique and offers other family members the things that help the family live and grow together. Families model their love for each other and reflect the love of Jesus for each other. Families have been under a lot of pressure for so many years and the pandemic has made it worse. This is especially true when parents have become unemployed, and children are learning from home.  Yet, they have continued to be together and do the best they can. It shows their commitment to one another and to the family unit. They are still able to celebrate the love that Jesus has for them as they continue to care for one another.  The church continues to affirm family life by celebrating the uniqueness of each family, and by enacting policies and programs that bring families together rather than separate them. Of course,  COVID-19 has changed what happens in parishes, but we still affirm and support families and family life. On behalf of our entire Parish Staff: FR. TONY, DEACON JERRY, DEACON HUGH, NANCY CAPUTO, DAN PALKO, OUR SUPPORT STAFF & MYSELF, I want to extend to you and your families our best wishes for a HAPPY & HOLY NEW YEAR! 2021 has to be a better year than 2020! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  BUON ANNO!! FELIZ AÑO NUEVO!!! FR. JOE