From the Pastor – December 15, 2019

As we begin this Third Week of Advent, it’s a good idea to look back and see what we have accomplished, orwhat we attempted to accomplish this Advent. While this is a season of hope, we are still involved in thepreparations for Christmas. There is no way we can get away from that. But, hopefully, Advent has given us adifferent perspective on this season and Christmas. While we await the feast of the birth of Christ, Advent offersus the opportunity to live our lives in the hope that Jesus will return in glory. Of course, no one knows when thatwill happen, but it does give us a perspective in which to live.In today’s Gospel as Jesus meets the disciples of John, who is in prison, he tells them to take a look around to seewhat is happening. Jesus doesn’t tell them that he is the one who is healing the people. They are to go back andtell John what they saw and heard because the Messianic Age has dawned and there are new experiences that haveoccurred.John was sent to prepare the way of the Lord, and when Jesus appeared, John disappeared. Now, our mission istwo fold. It is to celebrate the wonder of the Messiah in our world and in our lives. It is also to prepare the wayfor when he returns. It means that we need to let others know who Jesus is, not so much by what we say but bywho we are and how we interact with one another. It also means that we live in the hope and expectation thatcomes from being God’s children, not just during Advent, but all the days of our lives. The problem is that toooften we become distracted by the events and people in our lives who can make us lose track of how we are tolive.So, we have Advent that calls us to step back, reflect on our lives and our relationship with God as revealed inChrist Jesus, and to celebrate it with each other. This helps us prepare for all the great events in our lives, and notjust at Christmas. But if Jesus returned tomorrow, would we be ready to great him with the same hope that isengendered in us during this season?TODAY, at 3:00 PM, we celebrate our ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF LESSONS AND CAROLS. Please comeand join us as we reflect on salvation history. This is a hopeful and joyful celebration, which helps us to preparefor the Great Feast and Season of Christmas.HAPPY ADVENT!~ FR. JOEMESSAGE FROM THE PASTORSTEWARDSHIP