Dear Parishioners of Saint James,

The expression, thank you, can at times seem inadequate, but I want to sincerely thank all of you for your presence at my last mass and the picnic that followed your well wishes, and the generous gifts you gave me. Sunday, June 27, 2021, was an incredibly emotional day for me and one which I will never forget. I am grateful that my family was able to be present to see all of you and experience what an awesome parish you are.

I want to especially thank the following:

The Parish Staff for five-and-a half years of working well together and for all that we accomplished as a team.

The Parish Trustees, John Pflug and Janet Petino, for their friendship, advice, and guidance. Thank you also for the acrylic replicas of the three parishes where I have been pastor that you presented to me at the mass.

Springfield Mayor Chris Weber and Councilman Chris Capodice for the proclamation presented to me at the mass, and the members of the Springfield Township Committee for their interest in Saint James over the years.

The Parish Finance Council for their guidance and direction and their help maintaining the financial stability of Saint James parish.

The Pastoral Council for the way they care for Saint James parish and encourage it to grow.

The Hospitality Committee for organizing and overseeing the picnic that followed the mass.

Kenn Fernandez for live-streaming Sunday mass each week, and especially for live-streaming the last mass that I celebrated in the parish on June 27.

The Parish Publicity Committee for publicizing my retirement events to the parish and to the media.

Ernie DellaSala for taking photos of my retirement mass and picnic. They are incredible.

Lastly, thank you to all of you, the parishioners of Saint James the Apostle Church, for your fidelity to the parish, your continued support and generosity and presence in the church, especially after the lockdown of the pandemic. I was very proud and privileged to serve you as your pastor. I will never forget you, and you will always be in my prayers.


Fr. Joe