Creating a Rosary Garden at St. James

Our next Living Rosary will be prayed on Saturday, August 19th at 9:00AM. For this offering, we will be creating a Rosary Garden outside the Church around the tree. If you would like to make a donation toward this beautiful Rosary Garden the following offerings are
“Hail Mary” stones $25.00
“Our Father” & “Glory Be” stones $35.00
A special offering available for children:
“ Glow in the Dark” stones: 10 small stones for $1.00

See us after all Masses in the Gathering Area on Sunday, August 13th

Donations made at this time will allow you to place your stones in the garden as you leave Church.

Additional Donations will assist in the costs of seating, shrubs and trellis work. Don’t miss out on helping to create our parish garden honoring Our Blessed Mother!

Join us as we bless the garden and pray the Rosary on August 19th at 9:00a.m.
All are welcome!
Mark your calendar for the next Rosary dates:
Wednesday, September 13th & Friday, October 13th