Welcome to the website of St. James the Apostle Church in Springfield, N.J.!  In whatever way you found us, or for whatever reason, we are glad you did!  Pope Benedict XVI, in speaking about the internet and computer technology, once said:  New technologies allow people to meet each other beyond the confines of space and of their own culture, creating in this way an entirely new way of potential friendships.”  In this spirit we welcome you to our website in the hopes that you will come to know a little bit more about our parish family, that you will find here what you are seeking, and in some mysterious way God will touch your heart through something you may discover here.

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Farewell Mass

Father Everest's farewell mass. God bless you always!

Quinquennial Mass

Quinquennial Mass celebration at St. James

15th Anniversary

Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Church building


 Feast of Saint James Celebration

Join us on Tuesday, July 25, 2017, 7:00 PM for a Bi-lingual (English and Spanish) Mass followed by a Tailgate party to celebrate the Feast of Saint James. Bring your own food, beverages, tables and chairs. Desserts and music provided.